Info : These are a few of the hundreds and hundreds of emails, certificates of gratitude, newspaper articles, letters from officials and other feedback have we received. Obviously some of them have been translated from other languages into English. There are some details of specific places, names or other material that is not pertinent that has been omitted or altered for privacy protection. Original materials are kept for records. ×

“In an act that lasts for approximately 2 hours this family shows off their artistic talents, by means of a very diverse and fun presentation, made up of coreographed dances to electronic music, local cultural dances, which include some participation of the public, and salsa or “salsú” as they jokingly call their variation of the dance because of their difficulty in dancing that particular style. They also use magic routines, short enactments of ideas, stories, reflections and retelling of experiences.

Every part of the presentation is based in the message of Jesus and of the Father, but, not from the view of any church in particular, neither are they part of any type of cult or special group, it is simply a powerful message about the strength of Jesus in the most difficult situations, such as are being faced by those who know no freedom. They have a plain conviction about their vocation to serve, and by means of culture, art, music, dance and magic, they deliver to those watching their qualities and their love with the firm commitment to bring hope and joy to those who need it most. 

Within many reflections, Michael highlights the profound mysticism with which he addresses the message of God, calling us to fight for life, for it is God who through faith, can give us all the strength we need. Emphasizing that “we should not live in the past, but a new future awaits us.  We want to bring you a message of hope and profound blessings.”

They recalled that during a event they recently did in the large Military base of Santa Cruz, they asked the audience if they knew what was the most powerful weapon in the world, and after a few moments of debate they brought forth to large pieces of bamboo, they said they these were such a weapon continuing to put them together to form the Cross of Jesus Christ.

In their last act, this time of Tae Kwon Do, they mentioned that the six children were 2nd degree black belts in this martial art, which is based in self control, discipline and focus which are the fundamental elements that would permit us to with this tremendous internal war taking place on the battle fields of our minds. Finally, Sarah invited all the participants to  share what were the most difficult afflictions that they were facing; reclusion, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, pain, sickness, missing their families, were a few of the words that were spoken as they wrote them down on a tablet of word that, afterwards, was broken in two by a powerful kick from Mercy as a symbolic act of what can be accomplished with such discipline.

-Luis, Reporting from inside a prison of more than 5,000. April 2011

“It has be a year ago today that I met you all and you did something very big for me, you changed my life through Jesus, you helped me to believe and approach Him. That day I went to my school (Magdalena Del Norte),  I was able to fully comprehend your message and what I felt I could not express with words but with tears. I will never forget that day. Thank you for being such a united family and bringing this message to the world. You made me understand that I can not surrender with all the suffering I face but rather I must fly “like a butterfly”,

I remember that I was beginning to forget the dreams I once had that I hoped would one day become reality, but you reminded me of them and why I want them and that is way I want to thank you all.

Now I see the great things that life can offer and I realize that I must not squander them or look around to others for the decisions I make in life.
Thank you Mercy, Joshua, Elizabeth, David, Paul, and of course Sarah
Rachel and Michael. So much can be learned from you all.”

-Juliana, April 24th 2012

In the name of the personal of Officials, Sub-officials,  Soldiers and Civilians that are apart of the Unit, permit me to present to you a special recognition of our gratitude for your visit and all the services that you have unconditionally offered to this unit of infantry.

We offer a very warm and grateful congratulations for your labor in our institution and for being examples of what it means to demonstrate service and patriotism and the selfless surrender of yourselves for the noble cause of Freedom, characterizing by your great fighting spirit, valor and unbreakable will.

I wish to, in the most sincere manner, offer my feelings of appreciation and gratitude.

-Commander Leonardo, April 12th 2011

“God bless your lives, I remember like it was yesterday the day that I had the opportunity to see you when I was in the prison of Bogota Colombia

I thank God for his mercy to teach me, by means of you all in a very unique way, the love of the Father in Jesus with such a clear message that can only be expressed by lives consecrated to His love.

I tell you all  that I am now free and I do not stop telling my bothers about your lives that are a blessing to the world and an example of service to God.

I would like to know the day you will return to our country. Please write me and tell me as  I’ll be watching with my whole family for your return. God bless you.”

-Jimmy, September 09th 2012

“Good Morning Dear Family,
My name is Jose.  I’m a Systems Engineer from Bogota, Colombia. In September 2009 I lost my mother to cancer.  These last years  for me have been like I was in darkness, I have felt very sad, lonely and depressed.

On December 24th I got up early as usual, I went for a jog, after I got home, I knelt down and asked God if He would, even for just today, notice me and give me a little happiness, This was on December 24th.
God answered my request! That day for some reason, I became eager to go to the center of the city, a site I frequent rarely. And there you were, on that street corner. You were about to start your angelic presentation. I decided to wait until you begin and what a surprise. Everything you said, all the music you played, everything you showed me entered my heart with great joy. I was there for every moment until you finished your presentation.
You have given me an excellent message of life, you have given me light, and this light will change my life.

I would like to stay in contact.

With much love, “

-Jose, December 27th 2010


My name is Robert and I had the wonderful opportunity to hear you all in the town of San Juan.

It was an afternoon and I was walking casually in the park, holding the hand of my 12 year old son, Nicolas. Initially struck by your music and choreography, but then we started to hear your message and I felt it came straight into to my heart .

I  imagined Jesus speaking to the people with love in the squares, in the streets, in the fields and in each of you, I saw that Jesus and saw the people in such need of this message and I saw in their eyes one light of hope in their lives.

I know that God the Father cares for you everyday and gives you many blessings and much strength to do the work you are doing, because the work you do is His will.
I thank God for you all and I thank you all.”

-Robert, March 30th 2010

“Greetings to these marvelous people that have been such a great and beautiful influence in my life. May God bless you, thank you very much.”

-Orlando, April 20th 2011

“Good afternoon, I had the pleasure to attend your presentation recently in Plaza and I found it all to be quite fabulous. I would like to say congratulations for not only bringing the message of Jesus but also the way that your family is so united. I think the most important thing these days is to rescue the values of a family so that they might come to know the power of Jesus. The splendorous words you have spoken to me have really made me stop and think. Thank you so very much.
Cordially, ”
-Arlendy, April 26th 2009

“Thank you, through you all and what you are doing, the God we worship has shown great mercy for my city and my nation.

I send my love to each of you, and I pray that the Lord would continue using, anointing, blessing, helping and filling you all with peace, prosperity and security.”

-Sofia, June 12th 2008

“I want to thank you for the great  substantial message and the beautiful event which I was able to participate in on Saturday 04 December at 2:30 pm  in the Plaza Grande, I was able to learn a lot from each of you and I am filled with joy from the dance that the brothers did, the magic routine of the sisters, The singing of your mother, Rachel, and fabulous  message about life and teaching from the experiences of your exemplary father,  Michel when he spoke of all his teachings about life … therefore the only favor I ask is that you could tell me more about the message you bring about Jesus because I want to change my life… Thank you for the Cd’s that you gave me… I will be waiting your reply. May God greatly bless you. Please do not forget me.”

-Giovanni, December 11th 2009

“I want to know more of the work you are doing here and the message you bring, I want to participate and learn to know the living Jesus. I only go to church once in a while because my parents take me there. But I feel it is more about tradition and is not what I’m looking for, I look for something to fill my heart not my head.”

 -Jean, December 22nd 2009

” I think what you all are promoting is very cool and is the pure truth. Thank you very much friends.”

-Oscar,December 13 2010

“…To whom it may interest,

…This is to state that the family consisting of eight Americans. The parents Michael and Rachel and their six children, Sarah Elizabeth, Ruth, Abraham, Joshua and David performed in one of our establishments on March 11th for 450 students of the School Rafael Uribe Gonzalez for the grades 6-12 as well as members of the local community, staff and teachers of the school. We received the benefit of their program which is a foundation for rescuing human and social values in our culture, fundamentals in the belief of a healthy religion, there support has be very important to help our students understand the meaning of a society of peace and tolerance.

– Director Armando, March 11th 2010

“Greetings, I  hope and you all are very well.  You and your brothers and sisters do not know how I miss you all and how much I long to see you again. I never had the time, because the time came and I had to move out of the Home (orphanage) and live on my own, to tell you that you all have become a piece of my heart and that there is no one like you.  May God bless you today, tomorrow and forever. I love you all.

My greetings to your mom and dad, they are wonderful people and thank God that you had parents that loved and protected you like they did and even though you are all now grown up, they are beautiful people.

Your sisters are so beautiful, also their councils and goodness. I wish that each of them is well that all their projects are a completed

Your brothers are good people and both you and they deserve but the best and I know my God will give it because of His great goodness.

I love you. I miss you and I think about you all.”

Veronica, June 29th 2011

“Hello my name is Monica. I am an official for the City…
Initially I send warm greetings to you all.  After hearing your message, when I get home I talked with my girls in what respect to what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, we began to read the first few chapters of the New Testament, It was a grannnnnnd experience.
Again I thank you for the things you share and even more for the opportunity to draw closer to Jesus …

What a great experience it has been to cross paths with you all for me and my little family… Thank you. ”

-Moníca, December 16th 2009

” Hello all, a very special greeting from Colombia. May God bless you. I wanted to greet you and to encourage you to continue with the beautiful work that you are doing Hemosa, It makes me glad that thre people like you who are fulfilling the commandment of the Great Commission, that day they were in the Plaza Botero in Medellin, I personally the could look at a very pleasant display of a beautful message, I encourage you in the name of the Father, to continue so, fulfilling the great commandment … was a pleasure for me to watch you, receive a thousand blessings from the Lord”

-Abraham, December 15th 2009

I literally have hundreds of emails and dozens of documents with testimonials like these. I just have to find the time to find them and translate them and get them on here. So hopefully, more will be added soon.