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People ask us how we get the money to do what we do. The answer is, we work jobs to support our labor for Christ. We never ask for money or collect any kind of donations. There is no group of individuals, organization or church that is behind us that supports us. We know that God will provide.  However, if someone is interested, we have no problem saying that the needs we face are great and the simple fact that it’s about how far we can go and the amount of people we can reach. There have been times when a few people have helped us along the way.

We have hoped that someone might come along who might see what we are doing and want to share in it. In case that happens, I have set up a Paypal account here (with the email or click the button below).

Surely we would be very grateful for any support. If someone was able to help us, even a little bit makes a difference. Needless to say, the time we have to work to save up the money needed, is time we are not out travelling to help and care about those in need.

Our Family

From left to right: Joshua, Elizabeth, Sarah, Michael (the father), Rachel (the Mother), Ruth, David, Abraham