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Cartegena, Colombia

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We arrived in Cartegena after driving all the way through Central America, starting in Mexico and arriving in Panama. We shipped a van over to Colombia and this is how our South American adventure began. We often walked the streets and beaches of Cartegena, sharing the Gospel and talking with large crowds and individuals. The first evening we went out with our music to perform on the streets, my father was dancing and tore his Achilles tendon. It happen so suddenly. The crowd that was gathered was so kind and quick to help call a taxi, find a hospital and help us take care of our equipment. It was this night that we first touched how warm and special the Colombia people are. My father had completely severed his tendon, and would need emergency surgery. It was Easter weekend and seemed impossible to find good care. But God is a God of making the impossible possible and led us to find a highly skilled navy admiral who was a surgeon and could perform the operation the next day. It all went well, we were able to find my dad a wheel chair and he was on the road to recovery.  A year ago I had suffered a bad accident and broken my leg in four places. I had a rod and eight screws put into my leg. Some of the screws in my ankle had been causing me sever pain and the admiral was able to remove them for me. Gratefully he charged us hardly anything for all the care he gave us, not even a fraction of what it would have been in the US. We even went out to perform a few days later while I was on crutches and my dad was in the wheelchair,. Many of the same people came out to show their concern and appreciation.



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