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Chicago – October

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It has been a great privilege to help and work with so many people in Chicago. So many have suffered so much due to the gang violence in this city. It is just so tragic how many shootings have occurred. It makes me so angry that more is not being done to help all the innocent people that get caught up in the violence. We worked with a lot of people as well as making up a tun of care/lunch packages and just walking the streets helping and talking to those along the way. Even on along the Magnificent mile there are just so many in need. So many tragic stories. We met a guy in a wheel chair who was begging near Wriggly field. He had lost both of his legs in an accident when a car pulled up next to him, shot at him and his car flipped over. He was so smart and had such an upbeat attitude for all he had gone through. Another man who had a prosthetic leg told me one day he worked late at an electric company and when he was walking home, a car ran a light and ran him over. It is such a privilege to meet these people and touch them with the Fathers love.

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