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City Center, large park, University, Orphanage and middle school in Pasto, Colombia.

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At a camp in Pasto, the owner gave us a place to camp in exchange for a performance Sunday evenings. Families came from all over to enjoy this beautiful camp and at the end of the day gathered in a pavilion where we gave them quite a show and shared some beautiful things with them. We went down town often and performed in the city center. It rained a lot as Pasto is up in the mountains so we also spent days just walking the streets talking and sharing with people. We visited a large University and a middle school which overlooked a mountain range. Half way through our presentation, the director came out and apologized as he told us he had to dismiss the classes, and we had to end. A professor that was greatly loved by the school had just been shot and killed and he was in tears as he informed the school. A number of the kids were crying as they hugged us goodbye and said they were so glad we had come. The director later told us that he was glad we were there that day because it helped to ease the sadness.

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