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Friday, February 12th – Prison in a City 70km away

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We always want to bring the men a snack or treat of some kind but to get anything in this large of a quantity is expensive. So we came up with the idea of making large batches of pop corn (since its cheep) and bagging it into 300 or 400 bags. It takes a lot of time on a small stove and obviously in the big picture, its nothing in comparison to the immense needs they have but at least for a moment, it really cheers them up. We also give out reading material, Bibles, and inspiring posters as well as care packets to various men.  When they are brought down from their cells to the court where we are set up, they have no idea what they are coming to see. When someone greets them with a smile, a bag of pop corn and some cool music, they relax a bit and let their wall down.

This is our second visit to this prison and we did two presentations. It is really hot here and doing double performances is tough, but there is no other way to reach all the men because there  so many security restrictions to when we can be in the prison.


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