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Friday, June 26 – Prison in San Luis, Argentina

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As we left Mendoza and headed to Cordoba, there was a large prison on the way. I was able to find a phone number and after one phone call the director, he set up an event for us with barely a days notice! This is a miracle and God definitely had destined for us to go there.  There were certain patios that could not be combined with other patios but the director figured out a place where we could go so that nearly the whole prison could see us and also brought out the women’s prison. It was an ideal situation and so many people could hear and be touched by the Fathers love. DSC02793

This one young man, maybe 20, who is serving an 18 year sentence in a horrible prison. He was at home sitting on the couch in a room with his parents when he heard his mother scream. A robber had barged in the door and was assaulting his mom and shoved her to the ground. This guy went to get his dads licensed gun and in a panic shot the intruder. He called the cops and an ambulance who took the injured intruder to a hospital. If the man lived, the guy would not have been charged, but according to the countries law, if he dies, you get charged with man slaughter. The man died. So when you think that all prisoners are criminals by choice, also remember this guys story and think about what you would have done if someone attacked someone you loved.


After we were done the director brought us to a room where they had prepared coffee and pastries and a place for us to rest before we continued on our journey. The coffee was produced on the prison grounds and was delicious. The director of the women prison gave us a beautiful table cloth the prisoners had made and wanted her to give us on their behalf. These people are so genuinely grateful to be remembered. They even used a military van to escort us to the nearest cheep motel.DSC02788

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