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Friday, May 16th Women’s prison.

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This was a small prison and we performed for about 100 ladies. They were so grateful to get such a huge production at their place. They danced with us in a salsa type dance that we do and had a lot of fun. We always make some good jokes about how the Latin’s are so much better at salsa than us Americans.

One older womean told me she had five kids on the outside that were rarely able to come visits her. Desperate for money, she got tricked into carrying drugs across the border. She had been here five years and still had not seen a judge or found out how long her sentence would be.

We have a dance/theater ace where I start as a little girl jumping rope when a masked figure (my sister) hands me a heavy burden which conveys the weight of the world. A magical clown type person comes, (my brother) and takes the burden, giving me back the jump rope, conveying the work that Jesus did on the cross to take our burden and give us life.

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