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Home for individuals with severe mental disabilities 2 hours outside of Bogotá.

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This home is run by a young, 24 year old woman who is probably the most selfless person I have met. Of her own freewill, she drives over two hours every morning to arrive to this home and sincerely care for the severely mentally handicapped people that live there. Most of the men, women and children who call this place home have been given away by their parents or abandoned.

When we were in the States, my sister and I had visited a number of different thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army to ask if they would donate some stuffed animals and we were able to round up a good amount and ended up having exactly enough to give one to each person here. They were so excited it was like they were receiving a million dollars. After our presentation they showed us around the place and I will never forget seeing their bedroom. The whole place smelled terribly like a strong antiseptic or medicine and they had not one item to their name or on their bed, except for the one little stuffed animal we just gave them.

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