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Large High School – May 6th

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This school was in one of the worst areas we have yet seen here in Brazil. Just mud, trash, pigs, shacks and gangs all around. It all shouted one word, “Hopelessness”. IT ended up being my favorite school so far! There were around 350 teens, ages 14 to 20 and they were just locked on every word we shared. WE ended up doing a long performances of over two hours then staying another 2 hours just talking one on one and with small groups. All the teens were asking the most important and relevant questions about life, purpose, how to come to know God, how to read the Scriptures. IT was very encouraging and made us realize how the youth is the hope here. One young girl had been cutting herself and told me that this morning she had decided that after school she was going to take her life. She wept in my arms and told me that she believed we were there just for her and that we saved her life. She said she will never think that again. It just so tragic that these kids have no one. No love. No direction.

Afterward a directer to another school on the other side of the city, who had got word of what we did at this school, wrote to ask us to come to her school. She said she heard who we changed kids minds and taught about the value and purpose of life and that they were also dealing with cases of suicide. So we will find a way to schedule this school as well as the many others we have booked.

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