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Large School – November 26th

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It was raining when we left and we were concerned the roads would be too flooded, but we proceeded cautiously and it was ok. When we got to the school, chaos would be the word to some up the scene waiting for us:) Literally kids running everywhere, zero discipline, teachers who had completely given up and barely greeted us…so yeah, cool:)!

Anyway, we set up, got organized and kind of just took control of the situation. Around 500 very loud, hyper, unruly kids and teens poured into the gym and the caustics were horrible. My brother grabbed the microphone and began to explain who we were and what we were going to do. He explained that we respect them, and so we won’t talk when they talk, and in the same way, if they want us here, they will respect us and not talk while we talk. TO our amazement, the entire gym went silent and all the kids listened and gave us their full attention. The teachers were shocked. Throughout the performance we had to bring them back to this respect at times, but as a whole, it was amazing and the kids really listened. One of the teachers told us that many of the kids had fathers in prison, and that a huge problem was gangs that would come outside the school and sell the kids drugs. So we touched on these issues and thought many things. The teachers and workers had never seen the kids like this and couldn’t believe we could keep them in this kind of order. Only be the grace of God.

At the end all the kids just crowded around us and waited to get a hug, event the teen, “bad” kind of kids. They had never known this kind of love and care.

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