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Large University in Sao Gonclvs – May 30th

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It took us three hours to get to this university, and three hours back because of the horrible traffic:) Add four hours at the school, talking non stop, and you have a long day;) But a day well spent and well used. There were around 500 students, from 12 to 25 and we were able to hold their attention and teach so anythings. Here at this school they had three cases of suicide last month and the teachers are desperate for help. I don’t know if I have ever lived in a city that is just drowning in despair as much as here in RIo. There is no hope but the hope and forgiveness of our loving Father. My brother wrote a song in the reggae/rap style that these kids just eat up! It is about the power to forgive and that through forgiveness you are stronger. The chorus is, “The storm will pass”. Through the act my other tow brothers come out arguing and it escalates. As My youngest brother is singing the words, they decided to forgive and embrace. IT is very moving and most often met with an applause in the middle of it.

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