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Manilla, Philipines – Manilla City Jail – November 16th

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(See photos at the bottom of this post)

It was around 107 degrees with high humidity. They had a huge parachute they strung up to give everyone shade. A head director in one of the prisons actually translated for us our entire presentation into Tagalog to ensure that all the inmates understood everything (they all speak some English).  There gratitude was incredible and they all begged that we would come back.

They set up big speakers and sound equipment for us so that everyone in the whole prison could here. They introduced us and gave us a warm welcome. It was like they were just stunned that someone came to them here in this terrible, forgotten place.
I do a magic trick where I take an invisible seed, plant it and it becomes a flower. I communicate the point that even if we start with something very small, just one new thought, one change of attitude, one decision to contemplate deeper things, this “seed” can grow into something big. If instead of just thinking about God, we would actually start to talk to Him, a seed would begin to take root and even in a horrible place, we could find another “place”. After we were done, a man said to me, “you can’t call this a show, it is so much more. I feel touched very deep and will never forget you.”
One man I spoke with was from the US. He spoke 7 languages, had worked for Wells Fargo and had a family. He told me they mistook his identity for that of a drug lord and he should not be here. He has been in for two years and is still waiting for his case to go to trial. The situation here is just tragic. Just think how helpless you would feel if your brother or father was trapped in this hell and you were trying to fight to get them out.

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