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Medellin, Colombia.

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We had originally planned on only spending a short time in Medellin, and then continuing on to Bogota, but after my fathers accident, we decided to stay longer while he recovered and went through therapy. It was over this time that we began to discover the beauty of Colombia and how special the Colombians are. We ended up staying in Medellin for quite some time and working extensively in many venues and at many places. We became pretty well known over time and recognized at different places we would go. During the Christmas season, the city becomes a wonderland of beautiful light formations and the river is all lit up. It draws crowds from around the world and is a perfect time to reach a lot of people. It was always a challenge to receive the needed permission to perform at the places we wanted to, but God was with us and it always worked out. It was here in Medellin that we originally learned the Brazilian art of Capoeira and very grateful to the group and teachers who donated their time to teach us. Check out these pictures…



IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_5242



IMG_6581 IMG_6729

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