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Performing on the Boardwalk- Weekends, January – March

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One day we had a large crowd and my dad was sharing about how fragile life is and that we have to seize today to draw near to the Father. Suddenly,  a helicopter comes in real low and the guy sitting in the door of it starts waving his hand like to move. We realize that we are performing in the area where helicopters land (whoops!) and so we are hurrying to move. There wasn’t time so the helicopter landed on the beach next to us. A guy had gotten swept in the undertow of the waves while swimming and had stopped breathing. The medics rushed out and began to attempt to restart his heart. He had flat lined.

Over our speakers my family and I prayed for his life, that the Lord Jesus would have mercy and spare him. At that moment the man suddenly breathed and came back to life! He got taken away in the helicopter and there was a fear of God over the whole crowd. We had just been talking about this and it was clear to everyone present that God had intervened to save this mans life. We were able to share many things because there was a sense of respect and fear over the crowd. A man came up who was a former cop and told us that he had just decided to take revenge on someone who had stolen all his money and was going to kill them. He broke down crying and said that he would have ended up in prison if not for the message we shared today about forgiveness. He said he normally never even comes to this beach. We were so blessed to be used by God in this way and felt His Spirit at work.

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