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Prison in mountainous area in Southern Brazil – March 6th

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We drove three hours away up into a mountainous area. It was a long drive down a narrow windy road and we came in and out of of and rain. We finally found the prison which was buried behind a small town. The workers were expecting us and very glad to see us. The temperature at this higher elevation was a bit cooler so that was really nice for a change:) The men were very sad and it took some work to enter their world and get them to trust us and let us in. But we were able to have a beautiful time with them leave some seeds in their minds. One man named David, told us that he had been set up to take the fall for a crime. In it all he was hit in the back of the head with a 2×4 and left for dead. He showed us his scars. In a song we share we have the words in it, “não desista” (don’t give up) and at the end he told me how much that meant to him.


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