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Prison in Southern Brazil – January 12

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This prison was way in the middle of no where. It is a relatively new prison and was built to accept prisoners from some of the over crowded prisons, but it is filling up so quickly that it soon will become over crowded as well. We performed for a group of young men. At first, they were very skeptical of who we were and what we were going to do. Often times evangelical preachers will come in and just preach at them and they dread it. Some of these preachers actually tell the prisoners they need to tell their families on the outside to tithe their churches! Sick, I know.

Anyway, after we did this hilarious clown routine about a “soccer player” and a “dog”, they were laughing hard and all with us. Then after we “win” them, we are able to share serious things with them about change, about forgetting the past, about using the time they have here in prison to begin to seek the Living Father. By the time their names were being called to go back to their cells, they were like our family and did not want the day to be over. I make up little gift bags for them with little toys, candy, games and things to read. They were so grateful and gave us each a hug. The prison director printed a story about this day on there national web page and he and all the workers told us that these men never get visitors. It was such a privilege.

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