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Problem School, Paraguay, – May 16th

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It was a challenge to keep all the kids under control, sitting still and listening. They all brought their chairs out of their class rooms and arranged them in the court yard to watch us. These kids live in the poorest area of Asuncion, Paraguay. Most have no fathers and even the little ones have to work or beg to eat. It is really sad. At stop lights you see small children, trying to do cart wheels or juggle, or stand on their hands to try to beg money off the traffic. Mostly they are completely ignored. The other day there were two brothers doing this a 7am in the morning, in the rain. The cars ignored them, they gave each other hugs and his fives and tried again, and again… It made me want to cry. Anyway, that is the reality these kids live with. They are on their own and have to do whatever they can to survive. You see like a panic in many of them as this reality dawns on them and at times, it results in a wild behavior.

It was work to reach the kids but well worth it. The teachers and director were extremely grateful to us and they had the whole school sing us a thank you song.

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