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Saturday, February 28th- Central Park Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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It is summer here, which is when most citizens go on vacation so all the parks and recreational areas are very busy. There is a really big park, (like central park) down town and the directer of the park asked us to perform there every weekend and holidays like mardi gras weekend which was four days straight. He reserved a spot for us and very large crowds gathered each night. Families come from all the surrounding regions to enjoy this park, as many are very poor they are grateful and excited to enjoy our show free of charge.

The kids love seeing magic and their eyes just light up. This one little girl just could not figure out where the flowers went I had just disappeared and needed to search all my pockets to try to find them. I use the puppet theater I made and both kids and adults enjoy listening to stories and listening to my crazy puppet pretend he can do magic and juggle even though he can’t move his arms or mouth on his own. After he fails to even hold the juggling balls, he simply says he needs to practice, but is ready to juggle flaming swords over a volunteer!
There is no medicine like laughter!
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