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Saturday, March 5th – Down Town public market

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Sometimes people say that you can’t really change a life in a short encounter and you would have to be continually working with the same people to make any real difference. But if you look at the life of Jesus, He constantly met with individuals for a short time, sometimes just once and changed them forever. Look at the women at the well (Jn.4), the thief on the cross who exchanged one sentence with Jesus and found eternal life, and so many others. Anyway, its just encouraging to think that even one moment of touching another persons life with reality and hope, can change their life forever.  I know that we leave these men and women with something solid and more lasting than any physical thing we could give them.  If you make a sincere effort to reach out and care about another, you just do not know how far that could go to pulling someone back from falling over the edge.

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