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School For younger children in dangerous area – April 30th

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The Director of the prison that we have been working in asked us if we could put on a performance for the children in the school where his wife teaches. They were younger grades than we normally go to, but were all very precious, obedient and respectful. All 250 would be dead quite when we asked them to, (but unbelievable loud when they were cheering or enjoying the magi;)).

We put on our play that envelopes, my brother on stilts, a giant frog costume, a dwarf, a treasure chest which holds a light up book, (used to teach about the Scriptures), And a cocoon from which comes a butterfly. Using this platform and story, we are able to teach the Gospel in a beautiful and simple way for the children.

All the teachers were moved to tears and very grateful. The directors daughter suffers from epilepsy and a few days earlier had a bad seizure that put her in the emergency room. You could see the pain and suffering in her eyes and we were able to bring some comfort.

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