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School on military base – June 19th

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We performed at a school that was located on a military base, so we need special clearance to get in. It was not a military school, but just located there so the kids could have a safe place to escape the dangerous favela where they live.

We performed at night because that is when the session was and it was cool in the cool of the evening, with the sun setting over the ocean directly in front of us. Our act with fire looks especially awesome at night;).

As the students came in there was such a heavy sense of sadness on all of them and we worked to bring them to a place of hope. So many told us about their lives and the tragic reality that the are facing. One girls father had been murdered by gangs. Another student told us his older sister committed suicide. One young mans parents had abandoned him and he was raising his younger siblings. Story after story of tragedy. Two twin girls came up in tears telling us that we had given them the greatest gift ever. To take the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to such dark places, is the ultimate privilege.

The next day we received many messages from kids telling us that we saved their lives and gave them a purpose. Many had been contemplating suicide.

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