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School with 800 teens – April 3rd

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This was our second visit to this school. The first time we reached the younger kids in the afternoon and the teachers asked us to please come back and perform for the older students, (15 to 20). The teacher told us that so many of them were being lost to the gangs, violence, and drug trafficking. She asked to please help.

It was hard work to keep so many teens at attention and focused but the result was incredible. We do a section where we choose three students to hold play in a scenario we set up. A few of us act out different things the kids face such as peer pressure, a serious argument with their parents, just wanting to give up ecs. We then help coach them how they can change that situation and what they can say to make a difference. We give them quotes to read and use them to show the whole public how each of them can make a big difference. These kids were so engaged and put there whole hearts into this activity. It was awesome and the teachers where blown away.

After we left we got hundreds of messages from the kids and students thanking, us asking more questions and asking us to go back. We thank Jesus for helping us reach so many youth.

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