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State Prison – Mid October

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We had organized this event months in advanced and the organizer printed out a flyer and posted it around the prison so all the man were anticipating our arrival and excited for our visit. They set up a big backdrop stage in the gym, with bleachers for all the men to sit on. Many guards and staff members attended as well. The prisoners with life sentences who had been given privileges because of good conduct, had videos cameras and film gear. They filmed our performance so that the whole prison could see our show and hear our message, around 1,500 guys.

We performed in the late evening and were in the facility late that night. So many stories of mistake, tragedy and broken lives. To give these men seeds of hope, forgiveness, and share the love of the Gospel is such a gift. We do not bring them doctrines, laws or moral reform but rather a living, loving Father and His Son Jesus.

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