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Thursday, March 10th – Hospital for children battling cancer.

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It was such a privilege to hold, dance with and love these children  and touching to see their sadness slowly turn into a smile then a laugh. I had been able to get a bunch of lightly used stuffed animals donated from thrift stores in the States to bring. I had enough to give each child one and they really meant a lot to them. My brother also designed a coloring book with an inspiring story and a company donated crayons to us so they each got this as well. The parents were so grateful for our words of hope and encouragement and many had tears in their eyes as they thanked us. Afterward when we went room to room, I saw a little boy crying as he got injections and he was tightly hugging a white bear we just gave him.  It was the only thing he had in his whole room.

Have you ever seen someone make huge bubbles (like 3 to 5ft)? It is really cool and its also fun to make them. My brother and I are really good at it and kids just love them (well, popping them).  If you ever want something cool to do with your family, look online about how to make giant bubbles and you can learn how with stuff you probably have in the house.

The Chess House donated some beautiful chess boards to our family and I had the privilege of giving them to some of the kids at the hospital. The girl in the picture is 14 and deaf. The nurses told me that here favorite thing to do is play chess both by herself, and with other kids and staff members. They said she is really good. I am in the frog costume by the way, and it sure was cool to see these kids smile through their pain and of course, want to hug and take selfies with the big adorable frog (meee:).

02/03/2016 - PORTO ALEGRE, RS - grupo artístico As Frequências se apresentam para as crianças internadas no Hospital Conceição. Foto: Guilherme Santos/Sul21

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