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Thursday, March 5th – Mendoza Prisons

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One day I went to a certain prison and asked if I could talk to the director in regards to getting authorization to visit. There was a little window on the door which a guard finally opened after I knocked ten times (like the gate in The Wizard of Oz). He barely listed to what I was asking and then slammed it shut and said no, I could not talk to anyone. After repeating this process a good, oh…60 times until, long story short, I eventually found a door where I found a guy that got a guy that knew a guy that got me to the directer.
We ended up finding remarkable favor with the director of both this prison, and one that was adjacent to this one (which is one of the worst in the world). They were very taken back by what we were offering to do and treated us with much respect and gratitude.
They organized an event for us from one day to the next and went above and beyond to get together a large group of prisoners at the same time so we could just do one larger presentation in each prison, instead of two smaller ones . We gave out some candy as they came in and this one man was so excited just to get a piece of candy. He said “Wow, I have not had candy in 18 years!”  One man had just been shot in the hand and told me how painful it was. I was able to get him a sling that I sent in to him the next day. DSC01182

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