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Thursday, May 7 – Community Center for the Elderly, Chile

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We continue to work at different homes for the elderly. Some of the homes are so bad it is really a tragedy, they are neglected, lack basic necessities like heat and plumbing, and smell really bad.  It is winter here and getting very cold obviously being elderly, they get even colder. The ladies that run some of these homes had never seen the survival tin blankets that we have, and once I showed it to them and explained what it was, they were thrilled and said they would put them on all the beds.

I was making conversation with an oler man, maybe 80 and I asked him what he had done for work. He said, “survive”. He told me that he had never known his parents, had no idea if they died or if they just gave him up, but spent his childhood in many foster homes and orphanages until he was just thrown out to the streets to fend for himself. You would never  think looking at this man the story behind his eyes.  DSC01936

Another women told me she lived in the far south working in the country until she recently fell while carrying fire wood for the winter. She broke her leg and had to come here. She cried as she told me she had know one in the world to visit her or remember her. I don’t know if I have ever met more grateful people then the elderly at this home. At the end of our time there, one old man put on his best clothes and hat, took the microphone and read us a beautiful poem that he had written in his head while watching us. It rhymed beautifully in Spanish and had the idea that we were from the Fathers Kingdom and had been given to them as gifts. He gave us a hand made little box from all of them. It really touched us.


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