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Traveling to Brazil – Truckers Strike, May 25th

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After we crossed into Brazil, a nationwide truckers strike started. All the gas stations ran out of fuel and when there was a gas station with fuel left, the lines were insane! We use diesel and found enough stations that were not out, plus we got some extra tanks and loaded up before we hit the stretches in the middle of no where.

Stores ran out of food, fast food restaurants like McDonald’s closed (serious tragedy 🙁 )and a lot of cities had no public transportation or trash service the strike caused serious problems. For about three weeks you couldn’t get anything fresh like fruit, milk, vegetables, beef, cheese, ecs. At different points where the trucks blocked the road we had to talk our way through since the truckers were trying to get everyone to stop. We even had to skip Iguazu falls because of the strike:(

We also had a tire blow out in the middle of nowhere and had to go real slow on a spare till we got to a town. The grace of God was with us and He took care of us like He always does. Late at night when we finally made it to a place we had reserved to stay, it ended up being literally on the side of a steep cliff and you had to hike to it. Plus full of mold to which my brother has an allergy so  we had to find a new place which has not been easy 🙂 But, all apart of trying to live, and give in the third world;)  When the strike ended it sure was great to get a burger!

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