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Traveling to Tokyo – November 18th

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Because of our budget, we were on a very tight time frame for this trip and so had to squeeze a lot into each day. Our flight from Manila to Japan left at 5am and since we got back late from being out all day on the streets of Manila, we got no sleep before our journey (We were kind of sleep walking and I am just grateful we got on the right flight and didn’t end up in Zimbabwe :))

Once we landed in Tokyo we had to take a two hour train to where we were staying. It was hard to cram on with all our luggage. We all dozed off right as we were approaching and had to try to wake up and rush like crazy once our stop came up. Once we got to our tiny apartment, we all collapsed and were sound asleep in minutes. We woke up late in the evening and it took a while to figure where we were. Once we got oriented, we headed out down town since it was a busy Saturday night and we didn’t want to miss it.

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