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Tuesday, April 21 – Homeless Shelter Santiago, Chile

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We have been working with a large Catholic foundation that works with the elderly and homeless and have done a number of performances for them. This one elderly man I met lost his leg in 2012 when he was working at a construction site and a heavy crate fell off a semi truck and crushed his leg. He said the pain is so severe sometimes he can hardly stand it because his hip bone is barely covered. He has a beautiful little dog that helps pull him and go up to people with a little basket around her neck to ask for money. DSC01815

Another women a met down town who was also in a wheel chair had lost both her legs in a horrible fire when she was a child. She goes so fast in her wheel chair it is amazing. She told me she has done wheel chair marathons before. Her attitude was so cheery you’d think her the luckiest women in the city. 

Another man lost both his legs from polio and lays on his stomach on the busy sidewalk to beg. It is really sad to see mass crowds push their way around him and avoid him. I mean imagine laying on your stomach 10 hours a day and begging to survive! So much suffering, the only hope is the Fathers love. 


It is nearly winter here and snow has fallen on the Andes. It is already very cold especially at night and I am so grateful to the company that donated the aluminum blankets to us so we can give them to those in need. It is truly a blessing to give something so practical and helpful.

DSC01823 DSC01802

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