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Tuesday, February 16th – Government run prison 80km away.

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On the way to the prison we passed so many small villages that were barely standing. “Houses” were mere shacks, kids played in fields full of trash, there was no running water or electricity and they were in the middle of no where. We found ourselves asking,  If this is how the common people live, can you imagine what the prisons are really like?

At this prison the head guard was actually from Ireland, and really loved when I danced Irish step dance for all the prisoners. This was the second presentation we had done for this prison and the other half of the entire prison, so we had reached everyone. It started out a bit tough to get through, everyone was spread out and a lot of guys were keeping their distance, but about a half hour in, after some card tricks and comedy acts, everyone was gathered close and we had won them.  We were exhausted from the heat especially since we had done two presentations in the prison yesterday and all crashed when we made it home.

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