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Tuesday, June 17th Down Town Buenos Aires (And many other dates in between the dates accounted for)

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The busiest street in Buenos Aires is narrow, and packed with crowds of people. It was difficult to find a spot where we could have space to perform and not bother businesses with the volume of our music. We were able to find corners here and there and had to keep a tighter performance but it was very effective and huge crowds gathered as well as many Brazilians and other foreigners who were there on vacation.

It was my birthday today, and there’s nowhere else Id rather be. The city of Buenos Aires is so big that many people have become cold and hard with a kind of “every man for himself” attitude. It was beautiful seeing our music, magic and comedy routines break down barriers and bring people back to a sense of awareness, caring and realization that there is more than the hard core city life. We have a dance where we use torches on fire as drum sticks, hitting large drums (collapsible circles we made that look like drums) to a high impact song. This act always draws a huge crowd and contains a beautiful message about how we must each find our own rhythm.

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