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Village for orphans in Bogotá, Colombia.

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We visited the kids once or twice a week teaching courses of English, Dance and Tae Kwon Do. Since we are black belts, we were able to promote the kids who were ready to the rank of yellow or orange belt and had a special ceremony for them. I got the mayor to donate some t-shirts which I painted with a custom logo for them, (painting 120 shirts by hand takes longer than you may think in case you were wondering).

We also got donated some tickets to take the kids ice skating, (which was an adventure since they did not know how to skate, we are not that great ourselves and the ice skating rink was outdoors and melting, so you had a lot of wet but happy kids), and also the owner of an amusement park donated the entry to the whole village so we got to have a fun day taking these kids to a mini “Disney land”.

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