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Wednsday, May 27 – Two prisons, a university and city center, Concepcion, Chile

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We wanted to visit the southern city of Concepcion but had many events scheduled in Santiago, so we split up and my brothers and sister and I took a bus south. We planed to sleep on the bus there and sleep on the bus on the way back so would not have to stay in a motel (which are quite expensive). We arrived at 6:00 and it was absolutely freezing, I think it was like 10 degrees. We had two hours to kill before anything opened and I had planned to just doze off on some chair in the terminal, but the terminal was an outdoor, third world terminal and there was nowhere to sit. As usual, our Father always takes care of us and provided a little cafe that opened early where we could wait it out and even get some eggs (not heated, but the kitchen heat made it not too bad).  

At 8:00, we went to the prison to see if we could get in even on such short notice (usually impossible). God is a God of the impossible and we found favor with the guards and the head director. He allowed us to visit the women’s prison in the morning and then two large mens patios later in the afternoon. We were able to give them a magic show and share many things with them. DSC02219

We then went to the university which is one of the largest in the country and were able to talk to many of the young people as they went on lunch. Then we hit the down town center which was absolutely packed. Each of us had a large crowd of people that we were able to talk with and share many things. We then went back to the prison, (we had to be there between 2:00 and 4:00), and then made it back down town for the evening rush. We were able to reach thousands of people.

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