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Working in Favelas – February – April

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It has been really an incredible experience working up in the favelas. All the way up steep mountains there are “house” if you can call them that and the roads up to them are so steep that only these dirt bike can make it up them. So the people all line up to take a motorcycle taxi to their house. One evening I was up in one with my brother, talking to the people as they made their way home and it was just amazing to see people from all walks of life, politicians, teachers, government workers, athletes, all making their way up to these shakes. This particular village houses over 100,000 people. I guess sometimes you see these folks down town, nicely dressed, going to work and you don’t ever think about where they live, or that they might not have running water or electricity our a toilette that flushes. Just makes you think you know. 

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