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Getting Ready 2015

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Getting Ready.
My family and I have been very busy preparing to return to South America. Both working to save up finances, and working to prepare things that we will give out and do in our presentation. I wrote letters to a number of different companies to request the donation of different things to take back to South America with us. Things such as aluminum survival blankets, (for the homeless and prisoners), little toys and stuffed animals, (for the orphans and elderly), Bibles, Gospels of John and other small things to be used as gifts.  After some time and work, a number of managers and even some big companies decided to go beyond company policies and help us out and for that I am extremely grateful. We do not have a tax exempt number nor are we an established foundation (in the US) so that always makes it harder, but it was a blessing to reach some individuals that really cared about the work we do and wanted to help us make a difference. I also visited a number of thrift stores where the managers were willing to give us some barely used stuffed animals. So we ended up with a decent amount of cool stuff to take back to people that are in great need. Now the fun part! Packing it all and getting it all through airport security!
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