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Thursday February 5th 2015 – Arriving in Uruguay

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We were already tired from a long day of traveling when we arrived at Miami International Airport with a rented van FULL of boxes and luggage, but since we had a late flight, our day was just starting! It is actually a long story, but God gave us great favor with a manager over baggage who really cared about the work that we are doing and figured things out so we could check through a lot of extra bags at no extra cost. It was amazing! God is so good. We were able to bring everything that different companies had donated to us as gifts for prisoners, orphans, homeless and people in great need.

It is amazing how in just one flight you enter a whole different world, literally, the third world.  It is summer here in Uruguay and really hot. The place we had to stay in was really small (especially since our luggage and boxes took up half of it:) but we are a very close family and were all excited to be at the turn of a new chapter and the beginning of a great adventure.

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