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A New Frontier; Brazil And Beyond

This summer we came upon an incredible opportunity to travel to Brazil for the first time, at an extremely low airfare; less than half what it normally costs. We were able to bring our music presentation to the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. All I can say is “wow!”. It is another huge country that we look forward to returning to in the future.  So much opportunity. Most of us have become fluent in Portuguese now, by God’s marvelous grace, and we are able to communicate at 100%. One of the highlights of our trip was when…

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*Gasp! So Much to Do… so little time.

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our blog. This is only the first post but as we go along, by the requests of some, we will be posting updates and journal reports of our travels. This is Joshua, others will be posting as well in the future. Hopefully we will be able to add pictures and videos and what not as we go along. I hope you enjoy it and would like to thank you for taking the time to check it out. Wow. So much to do, so very little time. Each day is cram pack with trying to get everything…

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