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Caught in a flood – March 4th

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The other day we were leaving the center when a severe storm hit. Within one hour the entire city center was flooded and the streets were like rivers. It was hard to find a way out since road after road turned into a lake and cars were stalling everywhere. We had to walk ahead to see how deep the water was in some places. At a certain part over a mountain pass, the water was just pouring down from a favela like a waterfall and the road was quickly becoming very dangerous. Im not gonna lie, I was a bit rattled:) It is already dangerous driving in this city without flooded roads. At one point we had to push our car for about 6 blocks through the water.  Thank God He got us home safe. 

We have been having some trouble with our van since it is over 16 years old and so we have had to rent cars now and then to make it to certain events and places. My brother and I were going to take our van to a mechanic one day that someone had recommended. We finally find the address we were given, and there is a guy standing in a street waving us over. We ask him if he knows were the mechanic shop is and he says, “Your here”:)!. No shop, no employees or tools, just a guy on the side of the road:). We nicely found a way out of that one.

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