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Chicago area, MI, IN – November / Homeless Shelters, Prisons, Veterans

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We did a performance for war veterans that was really special. These guys have served our country and many suffered serious injuries as a result. Then after, the PTSD and mental anguish was too much, there was no help and so many ended up homeless or in prison. It is absolutely tragic. One older man named Mike, told me that shortly after he got back from Iraq, his wife died of cancer. He just couldn’t take the pain and so he robbed a bank hoping to get shot. He didn’t and ended up in prison, but just that thought is so tragic. 

It was freezing when we were there, like the city of Chicago hit record cold and snow for that time of year (Just our luck;)). Heavy snow, dangerous driving conditions and sub zero wind chill. Made it an extra challenge performing in various places. So tragic for the homeless. We made up gift packages with a warm shirt, Myler tin blanket for warmth, and a lunch and were able to help a lot of people.

We also performed in one of the oldest facilities in the US. So old that Abraham Lincoln was president when it was opened! It is a maximum security prison and most of the guys are serving really long sentences. We performed in an auditorium on a stage and it was so beautiful to spend that time with them. After we left, the warden called us and asked if we could please come back to the facility and perform again for other inmates in other cell blocks. He said the positive response they were receiving was overwhelming.

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