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Christmas event at a Military Prison – December 23rd

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No pictures were allowed here so the picture is from a previous event:

We had originally visited this prison months ago, and all the men asked us to come back on this day so we could perform for their wives and children.

I talked about this prison in a past post and about the complicated job that the military has here of trying to deal with all the gang wars and violence. Sometimes they get framed and set up for things that are out of their control (lot to get into now, but things are very complicated here with the entry of a new president who is going to begin to fight hard against serious corruption that is rampant throughout Brazil). 

Anyway, today was there family visiting day and Christmas celebration so there were around 200 families and we had a beautiful time with them sharing so many things. My parents have been married almost 40 years and help to teach others so many things about raising children and building a family grounded in forgiveness, understanding and the love of the Father. 

During our performance my brother broke his nose so we are concerned and sad about that. We have to take him to a hospital but won’t be able to till Wednesday after Christmas. He is so strong and tough he makes nothing out of it and I know he will be ok, but as his big sister, It definitely freaked me out seeing it bleed so much.  

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