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Event on a stage for a catholic community – January 12th

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We had an opportunity to perform on a big stage for a large crowd in a real poor community. We were the main event so we had a two hour time slot which allowed us to perform many of our acts and share many things. It was families and people of all walks of life. There was a group of immigrants from Venezuela that the community had taken in so we made sure to speak in Spanish as well so they got everything. 

We recently developed a new theatrical act to a high energy song that conveys the prodigal son retuning to his father. My brother (who is a heck of a dancer;)), dance/acts out the prodigal son coming back to the fathers arms as the father runs out to meet him and puts a gold coat on him. We have these beautiful gold wings which a company donated to us that we do a choreography with on the sides. We read parts of the passage from Luke 15 through it and although it is hard to write out for you, it is very moving. When we did it here on stage the crowd was really impacted and it reached a lot of people.  

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