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Community event at a catholic parish – December 22nd

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Just four of us put on this event because the other half of the family is trying to find us a place to live:) When we first arrived no one had showed up yet and we didn’t know how it was going to turn out. But bit by bit a lot of people ended up showing up and we did a great show for them, finishing it with our Christmas play of the birth of Christ. Afterward so many individuals came up thanking us and sharing their stories. One lady was so sweet, she had four kids and she said what we gave her and the message we brought her today was better than anything santa could have brought or they would ever have gotten on Christmas. So many kids gave us the tightest hug.
IT was sad when we started, there was a little boy who got up to leave. My brother followed him out to ask him why he was leaving and the little boy said the reason was that he was an evangelical and since the event was put on by catholics, he didn’t know if he could stay so he was going to wait outside. My family and I stay ecumenical and work with people from all faiths and backgrounds. We explain to him that this show was for everyone so he came back and really enjoyed it. When we were done he gave us the tightest hug and said he had never thought about God like we showed him. It is so sad when our religion divides us and separates us. Jesus came to either to unite us with the Father.


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