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Hospital/Prison December 20th

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We had visited this prison months ago and the directer asked us to return on this day because he said we really made a difference to the men. Today was their Christmas visiting day so there families were there as well. Most of these men had the mentality of a child and so we kept everything very simple and just gave them seeds of hope and the Fathers love. They really loved to dance:)

A number of the guys remembered us from last time and were so excited to see us again and said they had been waiting for us to return. A few of them we had specific gifts for like this on e really big guy who always had trouble finding a shirt that fit. We got him a 5x shirt and he loved it. He remembered my bunny from last time I did the trick there and was so happy to hold her:) We had little gift packets for them with soap and hygiene products that the guys who don’t have visitors don’t get.

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