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Community Event in Favela – Aug 15th

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This event was in a community center at the bottom of a huge, very dangerous favela. The organizer invited multiply schools, foundations and comities to one area for us. Around 700 people showed up and it was very loud:) The kids and families came from very poor backgrounds and were so grateful to get a special, high quality show for free. They loved the magic and too many were quick to volunteer:) When I mad my bunny appear, literally the whole crowd screamed:) It was cool. Many of the kids knew Capoeira and were excited to see or fire/Capoeira act. Through it we teach how we each have our own rhythm, our own beat and that we can’t let the world steal or change our rhythm. We have to be courageous and be an individual even when surrounded by things that could influence us in a negative way (drugs, gangs, violence). It was a long day but very rewarding. Afterwards we got tuns of emails and requests to visit schools, favelas and community centers.

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