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Hospital/Prison, Brazil – Aug16th

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This was a very special event. It was a prison/hospital for people with mental disabilities who had committed crimes. The director was a kind, tender man who treated the patience as his children not as criminals. Most of the men had the mentality of children and were very simple so we kept everything we did simple and clear. It was visiting day today so some of the prisoners families were able to watch the show as well and we were able to help bring healing to them.

In one magic/dance routine we do, I an act as a child playing with a jump rope. I explain how I am so sad and have so many problems. My life is hard and no one cares, sometimes I feel like I am going to loose my my mind, then as I am speaking I cut the jump rope in half, saying who I cannot be a child any longer. Later through the routine, my father comes and makes me laugh and “magically” fixes the jump rope, conveying our heavenly Father who loves us and who can fix our broken life. He wants us to always be a child. This really connected with these men who are constantly battling their minds and thoughts about the past. We did many things to help them and make them laugh. At the end one man took the microphone and thanked us, then all the prisoners said the “Our Father” together, it was really beautiful.

One story was so sad. There was a father who was visiting his son. The father had beat the son as a child and thus caused his mental disability! The son had forgiven the father and the father could not forgive himself. The bother held each other and cried then prayed together. The father kept saying he was sorry and the son kept saying it was ok. It was one of the saddest stories I had witness. Oh, the tragedy of our fallen human state. WE are so broken and so fragile.

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