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Down Town Santiago city center (Most of the dates that are in between the dates accounted for, we were down town in the center).

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The down town center is so busy it is unbelievable. I have not been to a city this condensed and packed, not even New York is this busy all the time. The weekend we got here there was a big miner’s convention and we were able to reach people from far out cities in Chile drawing huge crowds with our performances. The subway gets so full, people are literally shoving hard to try to fit in and sometimes you have to wait a long time for a train with a bit of space on it.

When my brothers and sisters and I travel the subway, often some of us will get on and the others literally won’t fit. One day there was a guy with a bike, a lady with a stroller, a guy with three kids coughing like crazy and two old ladies carrying one big box with a cake in it, all trying to get on at the same door. Needless to say, I did not make it on this train car. (If you ever come here and plan to take the metro, I highly recommend bringing your own personal oxygen tank). We do a comedy routine where we pantomime the fight to get on the subway in slow motion to a “chariots of fire” type song. It is hilarious and the crowd cracks up. God has given us a very effective ministry.

By using humor to open up and win the crowd, we give ourselves an open door to then share serious things with them in a way that they have never heard before.  This city is more expensive then other Latin countries. For example, to print 1,000 colored cards (we use as gifts with a message on them), in Colombia cost about 8 dlrs, here most places charge around 60 dlrs! Or to take a taxi say, 5 miles would normally be less than 3 dlrs, and here it would be about 15. Even eggs and other basic groceries are super expensive. So anyway, we just had to do a lot of leg work to find the things we need at affordable prices and decide what to get and what to give up.

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