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Tuesday, April, 22nd – Shelter for victims of a fire in Valparaiso Chile.

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Days before we arrived in Valparaiso, there was a horrible fire that burned for days and wiped out a whole village. People who already had very little, lost it all. There were local artists and singers performing in the city center, raising money for the victims. They asked us to perform in their spot and help them raise money which we gladly did. We never ask for money when we perform, but this was a special case since everyone knew it was for victims in great need and we were able to raise a lot.

The crowd was full of tired workers covered in soot and sad faces that eventually left with a smile and a little hope. From here, one of the artists asked us to go to a center where all the victims were lodging until they could rebuild, so we went there next. This one lady in a wheel chair was so old and sad that she had lost everything she had ever had. It made my day to see her laugh when with wonder when my sister did a magic trick where she makes snow appear out of nothing.

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