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Easter Event in lagre Favela – April 21st

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So this was a really cool event! The guy who set it up, randomly saw a flyer of a previous event we did on the status of a friend of his. He asked, basically begged, us to come and perform at the easter party he was trying to organize. His name is Rodgerio, and he is a motorcycle taxi driver who lives in the favela. We nicknamed him “Batman”, because he is a one man show trying to do a lot of good in a very dark city. He is poor as well, but was able to get a lot of sponsors so he had a lot of food, candy, cake, drinks and gifts for the kids. Around 1000 people. He is such an example of what someone can do with a big heart, even if they have just a little.

Since it was so steep to get to the location, there was just no way we could take our 17 year old van up there;) so he arranged for a few little vans to carry us and all our equipment to the top of the mountain. It was a crazy ride up with endless, steep curves but we made it:) All the way up we pass guys standing at door ways with machine guns and our driver informed us that this was all gang territory. Nearly every day there are shootings here. It is tragic, and the need for salvation is eminent.

We performed at three and he announced for all other activities to stop so everyone came and watched and we had a big crowd. For so many it is the first time they see magic, hip hop dance, fire poi, and of course…my bunny;), so they were very excited and there was a lot of screaming and cheering. We were able to plant many seeds and teach about the true riches of knowing the Father and His kingdom. Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven…”Mt.5

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