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Event for the children of the Military Police – July 27th

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For my birthday my sister gave me a rabbit. Its a special breed that is super furry and super cute:) I made a magic trick out of a box, some felt, elastic and a drum stick that I use to make the bunny appear (I made the trick for about 10$ compared to a few hundred it would have cost). I have a volunteer blow up a balloon, draw a rabbit on it then put the ballon in the box. They then pop the balloon and Abracadabra, there is a live rabbit:)!! Literally every time I do it there is stunned silence then cheers and gasps. It is so fun to do.

It was honor to work with the military police and put on a party for their children. The police here have a very hard job dealing with all the violence and chaos of the city and we were able to pick them up and bring some encouragement.

The picture above is the “Before” and the one below is the “after” 🙂

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